• La Bomba  7

    [*Chef’s Special] Our pizza dough filled with Nutella, gently raised in the oven, lightly dusted with powdered sugar.

  • Duetto Di Fragole  7

    Strawberries, tossed in mint-infused olive oil with vanilla ice cream on the side

  • Chocolate Truffle  6

    Zabaione cream center, surrounded by chocolate gelato and caramelized hazelnuts,topped with cocoa powder.

  • Cappucino Truffle 6

    Cappuccino gelato with a heart of espresso, covered with coffee flavored meringue sprinkles.

  • Tiramisu  6

    Lady fingers dipped in coffee, layered with whipped mascarpone & chocolate liquor cream.

  • Limoncello Truffle 6

    Lemon gelato with a heart of limoncello, covered in meringue sprinkles.

  • Lemon Sorbet  6

    Delicious lemon sorbet in a real lemon shell.

  • Orange Sorbet  6

    Delicious orange sorbet in a real orange shell.

  • Coconut Sorbet  7

    Delicious coconut sorbet in a real coconut shell.

  • Hippo chocolate 5

    Hippo shaped toy filled with chocolate gelato.

  • Vanilla bean gelato 5

    Two scoops of vanilla bean gelato, dusted with cocoa powder.

  • Pineapple Sorbet 7

    Delicious pineapple sorbet served in a real pineapple shell.