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For more than thirty years Mr Raffaele Mele has been producing the best ovens in the world in the heart of the city of Naples. His innovative ovens are individually hand crafted and honor tradition.

The “MG Forni” company, established by Raffaelle Mele, was created to realize a dream of recreating the authentic taste of Naples throughout the world. His goal is to ship custom artisanal ovens around the planet so that everyone can taste this magnificent culinary gift. Ingredients alone aren’t enough to give the true Neapolitan pizza the special taste that is revered.

All Pizzaiolo’s know their most important tool as a chef is their oven.We offer commercial and residential 900 degree Italian wood-fired ovens that are artisanally hand-crafted with the finest materials. The heart of the massive stone cooking base is built of a select sandstone only found in Positano Italy. This stone base provides a unique flavor and texture to the pizza that is simply not reproduced outside of Italy, unless you have an “MG Forni” oven!

Our Guarantee
As AVPN restaurant owners ourselves, each unit is meticulously serviced to meet high volume needs and centuries tested durability standards.